Australian Chrysoprase Bracelete
Australian Chrysoprase Bracelete

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Comfy Beanies 100% Vegan Animal Cruelty Free Human Cruelty Free Bamboo tag Purchase one today to help support Lasha's brain surgery and to help raise awareness towards PGCT.

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Dr. Oppenheimer helping
Dr. Oppenheimer helping

Comfy beanies for chronic pain; 100% vegan, 100% animal cruelty free, 100% human cruelty free, with bamboo tags.

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Lasha Barbosa was first diagnosed with a Pineal Gland Cyst (P.G.C.T.) in November 2016; she suffered from what doctors told to her were “migraines” for more then 10 years.

Over the years, Lasha was put on an array of medications for her "migraines". She frequently visited the hospital for severe headaches and she was put on Botox for migraines - all to no avail. 

Her “migraines” increased over the years, as did her body pain, and her body started to deteriorate. Lasha’s family doctor started to run tests believing she suffered from MS so he ordered an MRI.


Her doctors found a 1.4 cm cyst on her pineal gland; as well, it was pressing on her tectal plate and causing mass effect in her brain.

From April to August 2017 Lasha lost her eye sight in her right eye, lost her job due to her health, and then lost her insurance due to “lack of diagnosis” because her P.G.C.T. was not recognized in Canada as a medical condition. 

Lasha consulted a neurosurgeon in Edmonton, AB, Canada, and the neurosurgeon said that he would not remove her P.G.C.T. because they are rarely symptomatic. In fact, Lasha was told all her symptoms were in her head and since she was a woman it was probably caused by her periods.

Lasha was encouraged to go for a second opinion down in Houston, TX, at Memorial Hermann Hospital to consult with world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Dong Kim, who specialized in PGCTs:

“You are not crazy” that’s what he [Dr. Kim] said to me as he held my hand and looked me in my eyes, “you are a very good candidate for this surgery….”.

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Lasha's story is only one of many. There are many people, from all over the world, who are suffering from this same rare brain mass (P.G.C.T).

We all suffer from similar medical histories and medical symptoms; yet, local doctors and medical communities refuse to believe that we [patients] are in debilitating pain, which is caused by these P.G.C.Ts.


Globally, people are suffering and being mistreated by their medical communities due to lack of education, research, and funding surrounding P.G.C.Ts.

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All items sold in Shop are in support of the P.G.C.T. & Mental Health Awareness Campaign.


By purchasing items from our Shop you are helping send Post-Operative Care Packages out to those who have underwent brain surgery.


But it doesn't stop there! You are also helping raise awareness towards these rare brain cysts/tumors. Helping medical communities acknowledge them as a medical condition, which requires medical attention.

Thank you all for your love and support in helping raise awareness towards PGCTs.

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To raise awareness towards Pineal Gland Cysts/Tumors (P.G.C.T) and the Mental Health concerns that accompany being in chronic debilitating pain. 

To have these cysts/tumors acknowledged and recognized as a medical condition; which, requires medical intervention, medical insurance coverage, medical research, and funding.

To provide medical care, medication, insurance, medical devices, operations, and counselling to those suffering from these rare brain masses.